About Us

About Viatrechem

VIATRECHEM is an experienced trading company in chemical raw materials. Our management has earned its degrees by having been active in this trade since September 1977; first from the Netherlands and afterwards from Germany, Turkey, Italy, Belgium and again Italy. We are an independent company as of December 1996. In July 2012, we returned to the Netherlands and continued as VIATRECHEM BV.

For decades, our main market has been Italy, however, we also have ample experience in other European countries. We mainly deliver liquid chemicals, in full tank trucks and isotainers. Some products, on demand, we also deliver in drums, IBC’s and bags. Our customers are larger end consumers and distributors.

Our strenghts

  • No waiting times. Quick and professional reactions to enquiries.
  • Adequate and correct actions in changing market circumstances.
  • We are an extensive network for sources and buyers.
  • For decades, Italy has been our main market. However, we have ample experience in other European countries.